The University Thing

It’s been keeping me indoors for nearly two weeks. Tough work, looking like I’m perfect for English Literature (which I know I am). It looked so simple back in the Sixth Form, when my friends were struggling – as I now know they were – over their personal statements and references, that I never thought it would take several headaches and much knuckle-cracking to convince a university that I am worth their time.

And always, lingering at the back of my mind, is that fear that I will make it nowhere and wind up rummaging through the neighbour’s trash.

Putting those worries aside, I’m happy to say that I’ve made 5 choices for my applications. They are:

  1. University of Kent – English and American Literature
  2. University of Keele – English and American Literatures
  3. University of Reading – English Literature
  4. University of Buckingham – English Literature
  5. University of Buckingham – English Literature with Journalism

Yep, that pretty much narrows it down. It was the advice of my dear boyfriend to make a list out of everything, so that I can organize my thoughts more neatly. Why, just the other day, I made a list of everything of which I need to make a list. And as soon as the university thing is good to go, I’m going to get right to that task. I’ll update you on my consequent appointment with my mother’s therapist on Monday.

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