When Leo DiCaprio is Your Only Fan

Leonardo DiCaprio endorsing a green petition

Hi, guys. So I was going through the inbox to which all my petitions are mailed, and found a link to this little gem.

What makes it a gem is that there’s so much to notice. I shall make a list of it for you:

  1. Leo DiCaprio is endorsing a petition. He wants me to sign a petition. Guys, Leo wants my autograph.
  2. There is some amount of irony in this petition in that it would probably be considered green, as it concerns the protection of the environment. But the environment in question is not, in fact, green.
  3. It is heartwarming to observe that it is already reaching the 1 million required signatures. I guess having someone very talented like Leonardo diCaprio makes people who already care about the environment, care even more.
  4. Leonardo diCaprio was a cute boy in ‘Catch Me If You Can’. This picture shows that he has very suddenly become a very handsome full-grown man.

I signed it. You should, too. Click the image to see the petition in full detail.

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