Brain Vomit

Drawing of a brain

If you were to ask each and every cell phone I’ve owned about what they all have in common, I am pretty sure what their collective answer would be. It would be, ‘She makes each of us keep a list of small, unrelated observations, realizations and questions about everyday life.’

And it would be true, too. Over the years the list titles have evolved, from a 12-year-old’s simplicity (“Thoughts”) to a 15-year-old’s secretiveness (“Miscellaneous”) to an 18-year-old’s need to be unconventional (“Brain Vomit”).

So here is what “Brain Vomit”, the Evernote list on my Lumia 900, has taken from my mind:

  1. ‘Full Metal Jacket’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ play the same Rolling Stones song as the credits roll.
  2. ‘The Breakfast Club’ reminds me of my performance exam teammates in Drama back in high school.
  3. What would a black, anti-censorship person think of other races saying the ‘n’ word?
  4. Martin Scorcese’s ‘Shutter Island’ reveals more layers of the truth every time you watch it.
  5. ‘Wuthering Heights’, one of the greatest works of romance in literature, was written by one who had no experience whatsoever of romance. This gives me great hope about writing self-help.
  6. Japanese people aren’t strange. I’m just being highly ethnocentric.
  7. The ‘dim American’ stereotype isn’t very true at all. Most of the Americans I’ve had conversations with online were startlingly bright and insightful, even though half of them had opinions that conflicted with mine. I think what it comes down to is a divide between the Americans who can cope with their education system, and the Americans who cannot. The less knowledgeable ones are also paid more attention than the other group, thanks to irresponsible figures in the media who exploit people. I blame the people behind what MTV has become.
  8. I judge books by their covers. In fact, I am even becoming something of an amateur book collector (more on that later).
  9. Mosquitoes only bother people when said mosquitoes are pregnant. They often get killed in the process. Anti-abortionists who squish pregnant mosquitoes are hypocrites.
  10. It is one of my life goals to personally meet a policeman who is Chinese. I have literally never met one in my life.
  11. I see a curled-up, wrinkly man-monster in the drawing of the brain that I put up there. Do you?
  12. I had to end this list with this final note even though it does not observe anything in particular, because I hate to end it on an odd number. That, in itself, is an observation, so is this a paradox or am I just being silly?

Thanks for reading.

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