Why I Blog

Have you ever sat back in realization of just how much the internet means to you?

I have. A lot of the time, it feels like I live through the transoceanic cables that connect me to the rest of the world, like they were those creepy tubes coming out of you as you’re laying asleep in a hospital bed. I keep up with the news online. I prefer shopping online, as it tends to be cheaper. I learn languages online. Most of my friendships are now long-distance, due to friends studying overseas, so social media keeps me in touch with the people I care about.

The reason I write is because I am in the last few years of my transition to adulthood, but it feels like a much younger voice is somewhere in me still. Being the youngest in the family leaves little space for verbally speaking out. Growing up in politics, every dinnertime a busy exchange of world views, also had me lose my voice amid the much louder shouts of older siblings and grown-ups whose opinions were far more thorough. But I’m catching up. I’m writing things down, I’m thinking things over. I’m quite determined to get this writing thing write.


Online stream of consciousness

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